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Mari-Lyn Harris the CKO of Heart@Work and Founder of Master Biz Builders. A place where you can be empowered and gain the skills to grow your movement/business.

  • Accomplished: Founded a Kindness Movement to help workplaces to cure the toxicity
  • ​Presented:   Kindness Hero Awards
  • Established: Mentoring, Coaching for CEO's & Founders since 1995.
  • Podcast:   Create an Impact
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Prosperity Inner Circle

Prosperity Inner Circle

When you join this inner circle you'll gain access to a wealth of resources and support tailored specifically for business owners and founders.  Elevate your abundance and gain a prosperity mindset.  Connect with like-minded professionals, who are on the same journey as you. You'll  gain  everything you need to level up your  journey.

  • Start your free 30-day trial for this Inner Circle​
  • ​Don't wait - transform your life and business to achieve your goals start today!
  • ​ A library of classes a new class every month
  •  A monthly subscription for the price of $29.95

  • Two Priority Certificates per year (once every 6 months) Good for consultations or extra classes
  • Ask questions call one-on-one from myself or from our guests. (a value of over $100.00

Marketing Inner Circle

Join our exclusive co-hort coaching and mastermind program to accelerate your growth. Gain access to valuable resources that will empower and support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Don't hesitate any longer - seize this opportunity to become a fearless champion of success! Expand your knowledge and receive the guidance you need to make a positive impact as a change maker and business owner.

 Are ready for more growth?

  • ​A library of classes, a podcast, additonal resources​
  • ​Two Priority Certificates per year (once every 6 months) Good for consultations or private coaching sessions
  • ​Q & A  calls with our experts ​ (a value of over $100.00)
  • ​$97/ month

Self Mastery


Each membership group will have their own library of workshops, content that will help you to overcome your challenges.


What's important to you as a change maker, founder/CEO.


​What part of sales do you want to know more about?


Do you have any challenges? Do you need to change?


​Is your marketing working for you?

Mental Health & Well being

​Are you one of the 91% of founders and owners feel exhausted and isolated.

Tune In

Weekly Episodes.

Olivia McIvor Disrupting with Kindness

What is kindness? What are you willing
​to adopt more kindness in your life and business

Jonathan Darling coach and public speaker. Sales with Love Love-Centered Leadership, teaching how to empower individuals to lead, not from position or title, but from their heart by truly caring for those around them


Laurie Ellis-Young  an author of "Breath Is Life. Taking In and Letting Go: How to Live Well, Love Well, BE Well.”



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